About us

We support  the elderly and people with physical disabilities and their families.

We work holistically, we understand how vital it is to help the loved ones of those who are often left alone in a difficult situation and are unable to adapt themselves to the new reality. Our goal is to look after both people in special need and their families. We offer comprehensive advice and support on appropriate care and help for the elderly and people with physical disabilities in their home environment. After thorough consultation with you, we present a full offer adjusted to your needs.

We are professionals rich both in practical and theoretical knowledge. Our team have gained experience in the best facilities in Europe for 12 years. We have participated in numerous training sessions, we are fully aware of how care should look like, we understand the needs of people after an accident or those whose life has changed because of advanced age. We provide help and support. We learned the reality of working with the elderly and people with physical disabilities as well as their families. We worked according to the standards contained in the best legal acts.

We are currently introducing these practices among families in Poland. This was inspired by numerous conversations with people who faced a difficult challenge.

The most common voices included concerns about dealing with the new situation:

“My mother is old and needs care, and I don’t know how to help her. This situation makes us feel lost. I can see my mother going through all this. “

“My son had an accident and he is physically disabled. He soon leaves the hospital. And I don’t know how to adapt the house to his needs. Added to this is the frustration of my son who cannot accept the new situation. We can’t cope with it alone. “

One conclusion can be drawn from the conversations that we participated in – a family, when faced with the old age or physical disability of one of the family members is left alone.
Family members have to deal with various difficulties they do not understand, they cannot quickly adapt to changes, take care of themselves. They remain helpless and cannot get professional support. In addition, there is usually a whole range of negative feelings, there is fear, a sense of misunderstanding, frustration and alienation. Such families need support.

We created this project to make you feel safe and secure in new circumstances.